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Sabtu, 5 November 2011

Personal Blog

Hello peeps !

I just want to tell, I want to have a personal blog which is no tutorial, freebies and so on. Just my story hokay. I also want to be a normal person right? Hehe yes I am. I don't want to be a famous, just to be a normal person only. I want to close this blog but I don't know how to close it. I just know how to delete blog. Mehehe thats all I know. My followers, just wait k for my personal blog. I so so boring, not happy because I fighting with my best friend, Mizah and Jannah. They are rude. I hate it. My friends are hate too. At Facebook, we changed Mizah and The Geng become Yana and The Geng. So now my best friends are 6. Not 8. I hate Mizah and Jannah but I love you. I want to speak English because I want to practice only, I honest with you all k, I don't lie with you all.

Erm, oklah I want to sleep. Kbai.

P/S : Sorry bad english d;

With love,
Farahin and Faiz

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