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Jumaat, 21 Mac 2014

Till we meet again, NSA !


Long time no see, huh? Sorry if I rarely update this blog. Because this year I'm busy like a bee zzz. Busy with homeworks, exams, co-curricular (idk right or wrong spelling) and many more! Truly sorry! Btw today is the last day of school before school holiday. I feel sad bc my best friend (since form 2) will moved to another school. I'm so sad today :(

At class, i'm so bored like krik krik and then i go out to my friend's class to story about random things, because today is her last day at saujana. Btw she gave me a bracelet, so nice :) After that, I lepaking with najwa, just for a while. Finally I met them before balik. After that we queue at the assembly and must sing the school song before balik --' No pictures, no selfies bc we can't bring phone in school -__-

Btw i had something for you. Hope you read this post.

wahai sahabatku,
kau berada ketika senang dan susah,
kau selalu menasihati aku selalu,
menjadi pendengar yang setia,
terima kasih,
terima kasih atas segalanya.

by norliyana, but i've changed a little bit.

Thanks for being my best friends. I love you :) I hope you won't forget us at here.

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